A community partnership promoting early learning experiences and strengthening families

Our Partners

In 2000, leaders in the Ipswich Public Schools embraced the learning of all students by supporting foundational early development. With a commitment to our youngest children and a Massachusetts family support grant, a family center opened in a downtown storefront. Parents, educators, and community leaders partnered to bring an exceptional resource to the children in the Birth to Three Family Center. It continues to serve as a hub for young children and families and those working alongside them.

From birth through the many transitions of children’s lives, Birth to Three will work with you to identify resources, match you with professionals and peers, and refer you to appropriate services.

Our Learning

Birth to Three provides a strong inclusive network supporting the early learning process:

For children -

  • free programs and open play times
  • age specific playgroups
  • opportunities for social and emotional growth
  • a stimulating, child-centered environment

For parents -

  • peer support and expert modeling
  • workshops, guided conversations, training
  • playgroups led by a family support specialist
  • a lending library of books and kits

For early childhood educators -

  • shared in-service opportunities
  • collaborative community events
  • a network for information exchange
  • a lending library of themed curriculum and reference

Join us as we build connections supporting the learning and healthy development of children, families, caregivers & teachers, and our community.

Our Families

In response to the needs of families in Ipswich and Essex, Birth to Three offers a diverse set of resources and referral services regarding:

  • Child development
  • Parenting strategies
  • Coping with transitions
  • Exploring childcare options
  • Navigating family challenges

Come together with our staff and other families to learn together as we interact and share our successes, challenges, and growth. How can we help?